Make any section and column clickable.

Clickability is Now streamlined

This Feature is straightforward, it adds a simple link field to make any section and any column clickable. You can turn this feature on on every single section and column. The best part being it adds no markup if not enabled.

Use this simple, but extremely powerful feature to redirect any visitor exactly where you want them to go, make interactive image galleries, or take button design to the next level by not being constrained by the Button Widget‘s option anymore.

Scope : Extension
Dependencies: Elementor

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can turn on the Clickable+ feature on every single section and column in Elementor.
No, Clickable+ only adds markup to the page if it’s enabled and being used.
You can use Clickable+ to redirect visitors to a specific page, make image galleries interactive, or even use it to design custom buttons that aren’t constrained by the Button Widget’s options.
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Make any column or section clickable.

this whole section is clickable - simply toggle on clickable in the layout menu of the section
Clickable Toggle
clicking on this section will send you to the gloo homepage - but you can link to anything you want
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on this section, only the column to the right is clickable - activate clickable in the column layout menu
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