Grain Control

Grain Control adds another easy to set-up effect in your design arsenal. Extremely customizable as with everything gloo.

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Grain Control is an easy way to add some spice to your designs. Static or animated, deeply customizable.

Grain Control allows you to add an animated or static grain effect to any section or column directly from your Elementor editor. Great for adding some originality to certain designs, wherever needed.

Useful to generate custom, ever-changing textures to let your websites stand out from the crowd and be instantly recognizable and always unique.

Complete control over your preferred grain.

Once activated, you will find this feature’s menu when editing a section or a column‘s Layout. Toggling on Grain Control will show the many customization options to achieve what you need.

Start by typing an Unique ID that will be used by the controller to print the effect. This ID has to be unique, but once inserted in the appropriate field, it doesn’t need to be mapped to anything else.

You can then toggle on Animate if you’d like to have an animated grain. With that done, you will see many more customization options:

  • Pattern Width
  • Pattern Height
  • Grain Density
  • Grain Opacity
  • Grain Width
  • Grain Height

All of these are self-explanatory and control exactly what each says on the label. Play around with them to achieve the perfect grain effect for your purposes.

Dependencies: Elementor

Frequently Asked Questions

Grain Control is a feature in Gloo that allows you to add an animated or static grain effect to any section or column in your Elementor design.
Grain Control can help you add some originality to certain designs, generate custom ever-changing textures to make your website stand out from the crowd, and make it instantly recognizable and unique.
Grain Control offers many customization options, including pattern width, pattern height, grain density, grain opacity, grain width, and grain height. These options can be used to achieve the perfect grain effect for your website.
Yes, you can toggle on Animate in Grain Control to add an animated grain effect to your website design.