LearnDash Dynamic Tag Kit

Gloo's exclusive and powerful dynamic tags meet LearnDash LMS.

Fetch and Display Course Data Like Never Before with the LearnDash Dynamic Tag Kit

The LearnDash Dynamic Tag Kit is designed to take your e-learning website to the next level. With three powerful dynamic tags – Lesson Availability, Lesson IDs, and the Is User Enrolled Course tag – you’ll have the flexibility to fetch and display information in ways that were previously not possible.

  • Lesson Availability

The Lesson Availability dynamic tag lets youn check the availability of a specific lesson and display dynamic content accordingly. Just as the name suggests.

  • Lesson IDs

The Lesson IDs dynamic tag allows you to return lesson IDs using Gloo‘s custom return options. You can display the IDs in an Ul or Ol structure, a specific array, or one per line – whatever works best for your design needs.

  • Is User Enrolled Course

The Is User Enrolled Course dynamic tag lets you check if a user is enrolled in a specific course, making it easy to display customized content based on their status. You can check enrollment status for the current user, queried user, current author, and queried author to check for enrollment. With this tag, you can provide a more personalized experience for your users and help guide them through your course content.

With Gloo’s Dynamic Tag Kit for LearnDash, you’ll have the power to create a more engaging and personalized e-learning experience for your users. A must-have if you work with this LMS along with Elementor.

Scope : Dynamic Tags
Dependencies: Learndash LMS

Frequently Asked Questions

The LearnDash Dynamic Tag Kit offers a suite of dynamic tags that enhance the functionality of LearnDash on Elementor, allowing course creators to fetch and display specific course data dynamically, leading to a more personalized and interactive e-learning experience for users.
The Lesson Availability dynamic tag checks the status of a specific lesson, determining whether it’s available or not. Based on this status, course creators can display tailored content, ensuring that learners only see relevant information based on lesson accessibility.
Yes, the Is User Enrolled Course dynamic tag is versatile and can check the enrollment status of various user types, including the current user, queried user, current author, and queried author. This allows for a high degree of customization in content display based on individual user enrollment status.