Turn your Elementor Containers into Slides with Slider Power

Unlock Elementor's full design potential inside each slisde of your new Slider.

Unlock Elementor’s full design potential inside each slisde of your new Slider. Powered By Gloo’s Slider Power. Turn any number of containers along with their content into slides within a slider, with customization options that go well beyond any slider you’ve ever seen.

Slider Power is here! Have your clients ever asked you to turn a certain section into a slider, along with all the widgets and elements contained within? It’s quite the common request that to date doesn’t have a simple, elegant and powerful solution that won’t require hefty development time, needing to charge the client more and possibly losing them in the process, as it sounds like a reasonable and quick request to the uninitiated, only to be faced with ulterior often large costs.

This, along with many other use cases, are now complete non-issues thanks to Gloo’s Slider Power, Power Gloo‘s solution to create extremely customizable sliders that contain any amount of Elementor widgets, containers and any element you are already used to working with. You can even nest sliders within sliders!

Get started by watching the Tutorial!

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