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A new, smart way to showcase your portfolio with the Device Widget.

Are you a Content Creator? Web Designer? Digital Artist? Or maybe you just have something you want to show the world in a new and exciting fashion. In that case, the Device Widget is the right tool to do just that.

All the Device Widget does is provide you with a framework with which to show content within an image, giving you full freedom over what you want to showcase within what. Set the screen width and overall size and position to fall within the screen area of the framing image, and marvel at the results. It’s as easy as adjusting a few simple settings.

Here at Gloo, we like using images of devices as a frame and using entire websites as framed content, like in the example at the bottom of the page, which you can replicate by selecting Iframe as the Source Type in the homonymous menu and then specify the link. But the possibilities go beyond that.

Not just device screens and website pages.

Set any image as “Device Image”. This could be, for example, a painting frame if you’re an artist, a social media page, a youtube template, and so forth. Don’t want to show an entire website within your frame? You can also showcase your images or videos within. Or even go without a frame if you only want a simple, intuitive, and customizable way to showcase your content to your visitors, just like in the example below

Scope : Widget
Dependencies: Elementor

Frequently Asked Questions

The Device Widget is a tool in Gloo that provides a framework to showcase content within an image, giving users full freedom over what they want to showcase within what.
Users can showcase a wide range of content with the Device Widget, including website pages, images, videos, social media pages, and more.
Users can set the screen width and overall size and position to fall within the screen area of the framing image, and adjust other settings to customize the display of their content.
Yes, users can showcase their content without a frame using the Device Widget, providing a simple and intuitive way to showcase their content to visitors.