Dokan Dynamic Tags

Dokan is a powerful solution that allows for multi-vendor stores on wordpress. pull all the data you need from it with our Dokan Dynamic Tags.

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Dokan meets Gloo.

Many users choose Dokan for its capabilities as a platform for multi-vendor eCommerce. Expand its Elementor interactivity with the purpose-built Dokan Dynamic Tags.

All the data you need to fetch from vendors, a single click away.

The Dokan Tags kit contains three self-explanatory Dynamic Tags:

  • Store Name
  • Store User Link
  • Store ID

They will each allow you to display their respective data outputs wherever and whenever you want, just like any other Fluid Dynamic Dynamic Tag.

Great for displaying useful information about any Vendor you want on each page you need to.

Scope : Dynamic Tags
Dependencies: WooCommerceDokan

Frequently Asked Questions

Dokan is a platform for multi-vendor eCommerce.
The Dokan Dynamic Tags are a set of three Dynamic Tags (Store Name, Store User Link, and Store ID) that allow users to display data outputs related to vendors on their Elementor pages.
You can display information such as the store name, store user link, and store ID for any vendor on your page.