WooCommerce Related Courses Tag

the Woocommerce Related Courses Tag might be a small feature, but it's incredibly useful if you are working with LearnDash.

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LearnDash and WooCommerce meet Elementor.

When working with LearnDash and WooCommerce you sometimes need to return the Related Course of a specific WooCommerce product (The Course).

With the WooCommerce Related Courses Tag, you can do exactly that.

Return and display any related courses to the current course the user is browsing, enhancing the probabilities that said user will stay on your website once he’s done with his first course. This Dynamic Tag supports different Output Formats, ID, Name, Link, Array of Courses, Specific Item from an array, and many more options for different user needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The WooCommerce Related Courses Tag is a dynamic tag that allows you to return and display related courses to the current course the user is browsing, enhancing the user’s experience and increasing the likelihood of them staying on your website.
The tag fetches the related courses associated with a specific WooCommerce product, which is linked to a course in LearnDash. It supports different output formats, such as ID, name, link, array of courses, and specific items from an array.
The tag enhances the user experience by providing related courses to the current course being viewed, increasing the likelihood of users staying on your website and taking more courses. It also saves time and effort by automatically fetching related courses, instead of manually creating links or menus.


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