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Save data submitted with an Elementor Form as Cookies.

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Store submitted form data as cookies for later use, even from individual form fields.

Users filling in your Elementor Forms can submit many kinds of data, even more so thanks to Gloo‘s Forms Extensions+. Since that’s the case, many times you may have wished for the ability to store some of this data as cookies and use it elsewhere, to personalize user experience according to the submitted data from the form, or even populate hidden fields in other Elementor Forms that will follow the user around with pre-compiled data according to previosu inputs, using the Cookies Dynamic Tag.

The Save Cookies Form Action allows you to do exactly that. Save all of the submitted data as cookies, or even just data from selected, individual form fields.

Multiple Cookie Types.

You can choose to save the data as:

  • Local Storage

This option utilizes the new storage API in HTML 5, which offers more space than other options, but has limited support as it’s available only for those devices which support HTML 5.

  • Cookies

Regular old cookie data we’re all used to.

  • Session

Session data gets deleted once the User closes their browser.

Saving individual Form Field Data.

In the menu for the Save Cookies Form Action, you will see a toggle labeled Individual Form Fields? With this option toggled off, which is the Action’s default state, the entirety of the data submitted through the form will be saved as a single cookie under the name of the Form’s ID, according to the selected cookie type.

Toggling this option on will let you specify which Form Field IDs to save the data from, and will then save the selected data as individual cookies, using the specified Form Field IDs as name for the cookies.

Cookies Dynamic Tag.

The Save Cookies Form Action works best when using the Cookies Dynamic Tag to fetch the cookies it saves and return them as you see fit for your uses.

Disclaimer: Remember to update your own privacy policy to reflect the usage of the data and the source of said data, like any Elementor Form you may be using this feature on, according to the laws of your region. The Save Cookies Form Action, Cookies Dynamic Tag or any other Gloo feature are not tools that can be used to exploit or otherwise eschew data protection laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Save Cookies Form Action is a feature of Gloo’s Forms Extensions+ that allows you to store submitted form data as cookies for later use.
Yes, you can save data from selected, individual form fields using the Save Cookies Form Action.
You can choose to save the data as Local Storage, Cookies, or Session.
The Cookies Dynamic Tag fetches the cookies saved by the Save Cookies Form Action and returns them for further use.


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