WooCommerce Advanced Dynamic Tags

Take your WooCommerce experience to the next level with Woocommerce Advanced Dynamic Tags.

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WooGloo brings Advanced Dynamic Tags to WooCommerce.

Fetch the information you need the Gloo way with Advanced Dynamic Tags for WooCommerce thanks to WooGloo. Toggle on the feature in the Gloo plugin settings page, and you’ll be able to dynamically select and show, where you want and when you want, products by:

  • Backorder status
  • Catalog visibility
  • Virtual status
  • Downloadable status
  • Attribute value
  • Product Gallery
  • Thank You Page Order Details
  • Active Subscriptions
  • Product Type

The latter will let you return any user’s Active Subscriptions, current or queried, while the Thank You Page Order Details Tag will fetch the ID of the order from the URL of the native WooCommerce endpoint. This means that it can only be used in the WooCommerce order endpoint.  Every Dynamic Tag in WooCommerce Advanced Dynamic Tags‘ kit can return their respective values as arrays, or through a delimiter-based output, except for the Product Type, which simply returns the WooCommerce product type.

Enjoy newfound flexibility in your product listings.

Only have your listings return whichever products reflect the aforementioned values you pick and choose. Dynamic tags also mean that once you upgrade a product, every single listing it’s listed on will update to reflect the new tags, no need for further editing.

Dependencies: WooCommerce

Frequently Asked Questions

You can enable the Advanced Dynamic Tags feature in the Gloo plugin settings page. Simply toggle it on to start using it.
Yes, you can use Advanced Dynamic Tags to show products with specific attribute values. This can be useful for filtering and sorting your product listings.
Yes, Advanced Dynamic Tags allows you to show products based on their backorder, virtual, or downloadable status. This can be useful for displaying products that are available for immediate download, for example.


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