JetEngine Dynamic Visibility: LearnDash Addon

Use JetEngine Dynamic Visiblity features on your LearnDash website.

watch the JetEngine Dynamic Visibility: LearnDash Addon tutorial

LearnDash LMS is a great tool that allows for the creation of e-learning platforms. Extract more from it with Gloo’s LearnDash Add-on for JetEngine Dynamic Visibility.

Here at Gloo, we like working with both LearnDash LMS and JetEngine‘s powerful Dynamic Visibility. There’s an issue though: before we set our sights on the problem, the LearnDash just didn’t support Dynamic Visibility.

Well, now it does. Set your pages and courses to only appear for subscribed users, and invite those who aren’t subscribed yet to do just that to make your content available to them.

For example, with Gloo‘s JetEngine Dynamic Visibility: LearnDash Addon, a button that prints Watch Now for a subscribed user can be set to read Subscribe To Access Course for any visitor that isn’t subscribed yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

LearnDash LMS is an e-learning platform creation tool.
JetEngine Dynamic Visibility is a powerful tool that allows you to define who can see what and when on your WordPress site.
Before the add-on, LearnDash did not support Dynamic Visibility, so it was not possible to set pages and courses to only appear for subscribed users.
The add-on allows you to set a button to print “Subscribe To Access Course” for any visitor that is not subscribed yet, and “Watch Now” for a subscribed user.


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