Gloo Smooth Scroll

Implement a smooth scrolling effect with a simple toggle.

watch the Gloo Smooth Scroll tutorial

Achieving a smooth scrolling effect is as easy as toggling on a single switch now.

With Gloo Smooth Scroll enabled in the Power Gloo segment in the Gloo dashboard, a new option will appear in the advanced tab of the page settings in the Elementor Editor.

By toggling on Enable Smooth Scroll, a slider will appear as well. This slider defines the amount of smoothness to be applied to the scrolling on that particular page, with lower values actually meaning a higher smoothness to the scrolling.

It’s important to note that we can manually input values outside of the normal slider range, by using the number field to its right.

Overall, a very straightforward feature that will help with the overall feel of your website, and with crafting spectacular and smooth visual effects when used in conjunction with GSAP Scrolltrigger and the 3D Model Widget.

Scope : Extension
Dependencies: Elementor

Frequently Asked Questions

Gloo Smooth Scroll is a feature for smoother website scrolling. To enable it, go to the Gloo dashboard’s Power Gloo section and toggle on Gloo Smooth Scroll.
Enabling “Smooth Scroll” in Elementor Editor adds smooth scrolling to a page. The slider adjusts the scrolling smoothness, with lower values providing smoother scrolling. You can also input precise values manually.
Yes, you can combine Gloo Smooth Scroll with tools like GSAP Scrolltrigger and the 3D Model Widget for impressive website effects, enhancing user experience and visual appeal.


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