ACF Relationship Tag

The ACF Relationship Dynamic Tags allows you to dynamically fetch the values of that field and display them or use them in several ways. It has a dependency in the ACF Plugin (free version)

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Relations Are Here.

An ACF Relation Field is a powerful tool. You can connect custom post types to user pages or category pages (archives) and you can also run relation between custom post types or even between a custom post type and itself. You can run multiple relations and create unique and tailored user-selectable (and searchable) custom fields, to enhance the UX of your WordPress site while making it much more relevant to your users.

Use Cases.

For example, say you want to print a simple UL list of related posts within a specific post. All you need to do is use a widget that can be either a title or pretty much any other widget you desire.

In our example we’re using a simple headline: we will change the HTML tag for H2 (default) to div to avoid any theme design and then we will select the ACF Relationship Dynamic Tag.
Once Selected – click on the title that now appears in the text input field on the Elementor sidebar. Another small window will show up, and there you can tweak the results output.

Return Options.

Since the ACF Fields returns an array of results you can output them by: UL list, OL list, Delimiter-based, Array Length (Amount of results) and you will be also able to specify a distinct Array Item.
You can also decide what data to return: Name, Slug, ID, Link, and Clickable title.

For users who use Listing Plugins like Jet Engine – This can be used to return values into listing grids and will allow you to use a very robust Relations Field and unique relations between data types. Immensely powerful indeed.

If you use dynamic visibility plugins for Elementor you may find the number of results useful for printing out different content according to the results. Try to avoid printing out arrays in UL where a single value is needed (if you can see what you change like when using it as a dynamic query in a listing grid then you can use a simple text widget, set it up to your needs and then use that setup).
Remember – with great power – comes great responsibility.


Scope : Dynamic Tags

Frequently Asked Questions

An ACF Relation Field is a tool that allows you to connect custom post types to user pages or category pages and create relationships between custom post types.
One use case is to display a list of related posts within a specific post. Another use case is to return values into listing grids for users who use Listing Plugins like Jet Engine.
The return options include UL list, OL list, delimiter-based, array length, and distinct array item. You can also choose what data to return, such as name, slug, ID, link, and clickable title.
Yes, the results returned by an ACF Relation Field can be useful for printing out different content according to the returned data using dynamic visibility plugins for Elementor.

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ACF Relationship Tag

Fluid Dynamic By Gloo - title

Make Really dynamic Queries with your  native posts widget

You can use the ACF realtionship tag inside the Query Control Feature

Datepicker Field

The Datepicker field adds a fully-functional calendar feature for picking days, months, and years to your Elementor forms.

Form Field Validation

Form Field Validation adds a regex match validation within your chosen elementor form fields.

Color Picker Field

The Color Picker Field, just as it says in the name, is the perfect way to submit color information through an elementor form.

Or you can also use it within a query of a listing
Forms Extensions
Forms Extensions
Forms Extensions
you can also use it in a title and return different options

Color Picker Field,Datepicker Field,Form Field Validation

Or in Unordered or ordered lists

  • Color Picker Field
  • Datepicker Field
  • Form Field Validation

You can determine the length (works great with dynamic visibility)


and return a specific array item

Color Picker Field

you can also return different outputs
like : titles

Color Picker Field,Datepicker Field,Form Field Validation





Clickable Titles
Meta Field Values of the related post


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