Bundle Maker Widget

The Bundle maker widget allows you to do just that. Bundle products togheter and the end user will be able to add them all to their cart with a single click of a button.

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Create bundles with the Bundle Maker Widget.

Bundles are powerful sales tools that allow you to sell more by pairing multiple products together and inviting the end user to purchase the whole package rather than just the single product. The Bundle Maker Widget is the perfect solution you need to create them extremely easily and have each product added to the user’s cart or sent directly to check-out by using the button the Widget prints out on any page.

Manually add products or use ACF Relationships to bundle related products.

In the Widget’s content settings you will find options to set the button’s destination to either cart or check-out. You can, of course, also edit the button’s label. Now for the real crowning feature: you will find a drop-down menu from which to select the source of the products.

Either add them manually by ID and set their quantities or use ACF Relationships to automatically add products you’ve already related to one another. In that case, the quantity per each will default to 1 item. Whichever source you decide to use, you can always include the current product into the bundle if the widget is placed on a Product Page.

Dependencies: WooCommerce

Frequently Asked Questions

Bundles are groups of products that are sold together as a package deal. By creating bundles, you can increase your sales by encouraging customers to purchase multiple items at once.
Yes, you can manually add products to a bundle using the Bundle Maker Widget. Simply enter the product ID and set the quantity for each product.
Yes, you can use ACF Relationships to automatically add products that you have already related to each other. This can save you time and effort when creating bundles.
Yes, you can choose whether the button takes the user to the cart or check-out page using the Widget’s content settings. You can also edit the button label to better fit your needs.