Salesforce CRM Form Action

With the Salesforce CRM Form Action you can now pass data from Elementor Forms directly to Salesforce.

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Salesforce After Form submission action

Salesforce is a powerful CRM system that allows you to collect your leads in a professional way.

This After Form Submission Action will send your lead information into your Salesforce CRM. You can send as many variables as you want (form data) using the in-built repeater function. This feature is comprised of two different Form Actions.

If you are simply transferring data from a lead once, and have no need for user acceptance, you can use the simple version of the submit action. However, should you need to be able to update existing leads’ information, you will need to use the API version of the feature.

Simple version

This version is straightforward: just add your Organisation Key and set up your fields inside the repeater that you will find below.

API Version

Go to the settings screen and set up your details. All that is requested can be easily found in your Salesforce instance.

Dependencies: Salesforce

Frequently Asked Questions

The Salesforce After Form Submission action is a feature that sends lead information from a form submission into a Salesforce CRM.
Yes, you can send as many variables as you want (form data) using the in-built repeater function.
The two versions for the Salesforce After Form Submission feature are the simple version and the API version.