Cart Values Dynamic Tag

Fetch all the values you need from the user's cart and display them back where you need them with the Cart Values Dynamic Tag.

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What does the Cart Values Dynamic Tag allow you to do?

Fetch data from the visiting user’s cart to use as you see fit to improve conversion rates, make sure your promotions are never ignored and always at the forefront of any page you want, and even set up your own cart page with some imagination.

You can start by using a simple headline widget to display, wherever you want, values such as the items’ names alone, their SKU, their prices, quantities, IDs, their position in the taxonomy, and even all of these variables at the same time.

You can use it in conjunction with the Composer Kit Module to make calculations using the total item prices in the cart, and display how much is left for the user to reach a threshold. If once that threshold is reached and you want the user to have say, free shipping, you can then use dynamic visibility conditions to display a message that informs them about it.

Not just items and gross prices.

Display applied coupons, and even control which price you want to return: prices before VAT, just the VAT’s value alone, or even just the shipping price for all the items in the cart.

All in all, the Cart Values Dynamic Tag is a stupendously useful tool for any eCommerce built with WooCommerce out there that will allow you to achieve things previously unthinkable with ease.

Dependencies: WooCommerce

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cart Values Dynamic Tag is a tool that allows you to fetch data from a user’s cart on an eCommerce website built with WooCommerce.
You can use the Cart Values Dynamic Tag to display cart data, such as item names, SKUs, prices, quantities, IDs, and taxonomy positions, on any page you want and much more.
The ability to display calculated values and thresholds can also incentivize users to add more items to their cart to reach a specific threshold, increasing the average order value.


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