Native Dynamic Tag Kit

Dynamically expand the way you fetch data from WordPress itself with the Native Dynamic Tag Kit.

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The native dynamic tag kit is the best way to fetch data from the core WordPress functionalities.

The Native Dynamic Tag Kit offers you an extremely versatile toolset that will provide new ways to return values all about WordPress‘ centerpiece features, to showcase anywhere you want, whenever you want.

  • Plugins Dynamic Tag

Easily list out all the plugins installed on your site and display related information by selecting among return values such as Name, Version, Author, and Description. It’s as easy as selecting from a drop-down menu. If you’re creating your own plugin, it’s a great way to return its latest version in a way that is always kept up to date.

  • Context Dynamic Tag

This Dynamic Tag, as the name suggests, allows you to fetch and return information about the context of the current page or post, such as Current Term, Related Terms, Current Post, Current User, Current Author, Queried User and Queried Post Author. For each of these contexts you will have access to a range of useful custom return options and more, such as fetching specific term childrens as the tag supports the ACF Terms Field.

The Context Dynamic Tag now supports JetEngine’s Query Builder as well: build any query and use it with any posts widget. Return a list of values from the query itself and even use nesting data from within the query builder return values.

  • Current User Post IDs

Return and display WP user’s Post IDs from the selected Post Type, according to Post Status.

  • Current URL tag

Simple self-explanatory tag that returns the current page’s URL.

  • WP nonce tag

Easily return WP nonce links every time as needed.

  • User Role tag

Return the Role of the Current User, Current Author, or even Queried User, in any choice of output.

Dependencies: Elementor

Frequently Asked Questions

The Native Dynamic Tag Kit is a set of dynamic tags for Elementor that allow you to fetch and return data from various WordPress functionalities and display them wherever you want on your website.
This kit contains as many as six tags useful for fetching various information about various WordPress functionalities
The Kit contains the following tags: Plugins Dynamic Tag, Context Dynamic Tag, User Tags, Current URL tag, WP nonce tag, and User Role tag.

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Native Dynamic Tag Kit

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Get all the information you need fro your Core WordPress website functionalities.

get information about your post from a single tag (context dynamic tag)
Native Dynamic Tag Kit
ID: 567
showcase the plugins you've used for building your website
GLoo For Elementor
Get information about your users
get the information on your user's roles
easily display the current url
return wp nonce links dynamically

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