New Color Picker, Date Picker and Time Span Fields for Elementor

We're taking another look at Gloo's Color Picker Field, and introducing the Date Picker and Time Span Form Fields. These three features will let you submit colors and dates through forms, and display time spans between two dynamic dates.

The Color Picker Field adds a field to your Elementor Forms from which your users will be able to select colors, thanks to an eyedropper toolhue and saturation picker, and RGB values for fine control over the needed color.

Gloo is no stranger to time span calculations, as we’ve previously released the Time Span Dynamic Tag. This time however we’ve pushed the concept even forward by making sure to have the same functionalities (and more) directly within your Elementor Forms as an entirely new Form Field, the Time Span Form Field.

The Datepicker Field, once toggled on in your Gloo Dashboard and selected as a field for your Elementor Form, will add an extremely customizable calendar from which your users will be able to submit, and even save, their chosen dates.

Get started by watching the tutorial!

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Dependencies: Elementor Pro