Turn your Elementor Forms into a simple Image editor

You can now replace that unsightly default Elementor upload file button with an actual customizable Image Upload UI which works well with the Image Cropping UI, letting your users crop and resize images. Moreover, the Better Gallery Form Field provides a sleek-looking gallery for your Elementor Forms.

Elementor by default offers a quick way for users to upload files and submit them through an Elementor Form. This is usually done through a simple button that lets you browse and choose files on their computer.

This button is quite old-looking and could use some modernization, to keep both UI and UX feeling fresh and up to date. This is where the Image Upload UI comes into play.

The Image Cropping UI is a Form Extension designed to make both your and your user’s file upload experiences better by providing a sleek UI with greater control both in the Elementor editor and in the front end form that the user will fill out.

Ever wished you could let an user upload multiple images to an Elementor Form by simply dragging and dropping files from their computer, getting rid of that unsightly Choose Files button that always ruins the feel of your professional-looking forms?

Get started by watching the tutorial!

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Dependencies: Elementor Pro