New Range Field and Checkbox & Radio Field Control for Elementor

You can now let your users specify quantities or ranges of values using customizable sliders in your Elementor Forms. Moreover, we are no longer confined to working with a single column when it comes to Checkboxes and Radio selection fields.

The Radio and Checkbox Form Fields are extremely useful ways to present multiple choices from which your users can select from and then submit through your Elementor Forms.

Checkbox & Radio Field Control allows you to arrange your selection options into neat, separated columns and rows, improving the UI and the general presentation of the form.

Sometimes you may want more than a select box or a drop-down menu to let your users select a number to submit, sometimes you may need an entire range of numbers to be sent through a form. This is when the Range Field comes in: select a single value or a range of values through an easy to set-up slider.

Get started by watching the tutorial!

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Dependencies: Elementor Pro