Dynamic Form Actions

Previously limited actions can now be used multiple times in a single form, and fire along with logic conditions. Meet Dynamic Actions.

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Dynamic Actions let you use Form Actions previously limited at one per form multiple times, according to Fluid Logic Conditions.

Form Actions Pro is a powerful tool that lets you have more control over which Form Actions will run after the form is submitted. However, certain default Elementor Form Actions are limited to one per form. For example, even if you run Fluid Logic‘s logic conditions on the classic redirect form action, it can either fire or not fire a single time according to user input and your condition settings.

Dynamic Actions fixes that by adding three new Dynamic Actions, letting you add as many of them as you need, and allowing you to connect each to its own Fluid Logic Condition. This means that you can have multiple redirect destinations and fire either of them when certain conditions are met.

Three Useful Dynamic Actions.

Dynamic Actions adds three flexible and extremely handy After Form Submission Actions to your Form Actions Pro toolset, accessible in a separate drop down menu upon toggling on Dynamic Actions in the Settings tab of your Form Actions Pro repeater. You can then assign each Dynamic Action a condition in the Conditions tab of the same menu.
The actions are:

  • Dynamic Redirect

Dynamic Redirect is a powered up Redirect Form Action. Choose where to redirect to, and use Fluid Logic conditions to determine under what condition the the user will be redirected to that page. So far, it’s not different from the default action, but here’s the kicker: you can add as many Dynamic Redirects as you want.

This means that by adding another Dynamic Redirect, you can set up a condition that redirects to a specific page if an user is a member, and to a different page if they aren’t, and any other combination of conditions.

  • Dynamic Webhook

Dynamic Webhook works just like Dynamic Redirect. You can add as many Dynamic Webhooks as you want specify a different webhook URLs for each of the actions, and fire any or all of them once their conditions are fulfilled. This means different user input in the form can correspond to a different webhook being fired.

  • Popup

The Dynamic Popup action will let you show any number of different popups to users that submit your form, according to their input, depending on the condition that gets fulfilled by their inputs in the form or any other condition you can set in Fluid Logic.

This trio of Dynamic Action is sure to open up a number of possibilities

Dependencies: Elementor Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

Dynamic Actions are a set of advanced features introduced in Form Actions Pro, aimed at enhancing the functionality and flexibility of form submissions. They allow users to utilize Form Actions, such as redirects, webhooks, and popups, multiple times within a single form, each with its own set of conditions determined by Fluid Logic.
Dynamic Redirects are an enhanced version of the Redirect Form Action. While the standard action allows for only one redirection per form submission, Dynamic Redirects empower users to add multiple redirections within the same form. Users can set different conditions for each redirect, enabling dynamic redirection based on user input or other specified conditions.
Dynamic Webhooks serve a similar function to Dynamic Redirects but with webhooks instead of redirects. Users can add multiple Dynamic Webhooks to a form, each with its own unique webhook URL. These webhooks can be triggered based on specific conditions set using Fluid Logic, allowing for dynamic handling of form submissions and integration with external systems or services.