How to set up GSAP Scrolltrigger animations in Elementor

The GSAP ScrollTrigger extension will allow us to create GSAP scrolling animations using nothing more than the Elementor Editor.

GSAP is a JavaScript library that allows for unprecedented flexibility, speed and performance when it comes to web animations.

The GSAP ScrollTrigger extension, once toggled on, will allow us to create GSAP ScrollTrigger animation events using nothing more than the Elementor Editor.

We will find GSAP ScrollTrigger in Power Gloo, and after toggling it on, it will appear in the Page Settings of your Elementor page, in the Interactor menu. It’s important to note that Interactor needs to be toggled on in the Gloo settings dashboard too for GSAP ScrollTrigger to work.

Get started by watching the tutorial!

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Scope : Extension
Dependencies: Elementor